Sunday, November 07, 2010


Today was a full day of activities and accomplishments:

- cut the lawn - imagine - Nov. 6th and the grass is still semi-green

- trimmed all the tight spots with the push mower

- put away the hoses, pots and garden tools

- carrot cake and pumpkin chocolate cake were baked and iced

- cheese and sausage were cut and are ready for lunch at church tomorrow

- four loads of laundry were finished

- had a visit with my sister, brother, niece and nephew

- worked together to get supper ready for the American hunter-guests

- tasted a new appetizer

- signed up for a fund-raising scrapbooking crop

- thought about Christmas projects - time to get moving on them!

And now the time change just happened so I get an extra hour of sleep - sweet!!

Tree skeleton waiting for winter's blanket

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a great day out where you are. It's definitely the end of fall when the garden tools and things are being put away. I hope you don't have snow too soon. We had heavy, heavy rain this weekend.
    The pumpkin chocolate cake sounds delicious. Can you send me the recipe?
    Miss you lots. Can't wait to come visit.