Friday, November 05, 2010

Ten on Thursday - Editted

1.  So eager to watch this TV series on the Great Migration, which begins on Sunday night on the National Geographic channel.  We don't have cable TV but you can bet we'll be visiting someone who does.  The first episode features the wildebeest, which we saw last year in the Serengeti, and red crabs in Australia.   There is no one who does better photography than these guys!

2.  If you like tea and have a David's Tea shop near you, you will love visiting and sampling some interesting new combinations.  Think Dark Walnut or Pumpkin Chai or Three Loves!

3.  The last two days have been gloriously warm!  It was +15 degrees C this afternoon and we all should have been outside enjoying the sunshine.  A strong wind last night started moving this system away and unfortunately colder weather is on its way :(

4.  Flavoured coffee creamer fan -  you might want to consider these recipes, on the Deliciously Organic blog,  - with no additives or preservatives.

5.  I did a little Christmas shopping today - only 50 days until Christmas!

6.  The Body Shop has some wonderful new scents for the holiday season - Jolly Orange and Spice Vanilla - yum!

Friday add-ons:
7.  Vanessa has been a friend of our daughter's for years - they were running mates on the track team through school and Heather was a bridesmaid at her wedding.  She's doing an amazing giveaway on her blog this week - please go and check it out - and encourage her heart!  She has such a love for the Lord and desires to serve Him in her life.

8.  The last of my carrots are dug!  I have never dug carrots in November without snow on the ground so I am happy.  I see carrot soup and carrot cake on the agenda for this weekend.  To my surprise most of the last row was from heritage seeds so these have dark red skin and bright orange flesh.  There is still one row of parsnips in the ground.  I know they get sweeter and keep longer if you can delay the digging so I think they will stay where they are for today.

9.  The amazing Jessica Sprague, digital scrapbooker and teacher extraordinaire!, has just released a new book Stories In Hand.  This is an incredible collection of questions to use in capturing stories and memories.  The sample layouts are quite beautiful and inspiring.  It would make a lovely Christmas gift - just sayin' :)

10.  My rosebush outside has 4 more buds!  I could hardly believe my eyes when I went outside to empty the last of the patio pots this morning.  Roses in November - now that's a happy thought!


  1. I think a visit to the Body Shop is in order for me too, now that you have mentioned Jolly Orange! It has been very mild here too, but on Sunday the cold weather will be returning. I am not in favour of cold weather.

  2. Wouldn't it be great to have those buds bloom before the snow fell?!
    I'm going to take one guess at who's place you'll be watching the Great Migration show at. ;)
    And, David's tea...isn't it fantastic. I'm so tempted everyday to swing by for a cup of something new, but have limited to once a week. I had "pure chai" the other day and it was marvelous. Let me know if you have any other favs. Hopefully we can stop for a cup together when we're visiting.

  3. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Oh my goodness, all that growing goodness at your house! I'd love to say it's the same here, but my thumb is far more purple than green :) We'll definitely be watching the NG special. I even have it on my blackberry to remind me to get the kids gathered to watch :)

  4. Crystal, you're so prolific, and it's always an inspiration to visit your blog! I'm always in awe of your cooking, scrapbooking, quilting, gardening, and faithful blogging! Thanks for the tip about David's Tea - I discovered that there's a location not too far from me, and can't wait to check it out!