Saturday, November 13, 2010

Messages In Nature

Last week as I waited to give Bob his lunch out in the field, I saw the most interesting Russian thistle plant growing on the fence line.   As I snapped from above and below -

I was reminded of how sometimes I can see someone - just blending in to the crowd, not standing out in any particular way, not really making much of an impression.  And how I don't notice their uniqueness or the special way that God created them.

It's not until I take time to look at them on their own, away from the colour and glitz and glamour of the world's view, that I notice the most amazing things  - like how much their beauty differs from what society calls beauty and how some of the marvelous is hidden.

And how they are amazing when viewed from another angle, the one that I would have missed at first glance, the one the world doesn't take time to appreciate.  

I was blessed to have this very tall, very brown plant speak its message to me that quiet autumn day.

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