Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giving 2

Our church partners with Canadian Lutheran World Relief to provide resources and help to communities around the world.  At Christmas time, we choose gifts, from the catalogue Gifts From The Heart, to help families around the world.

$15 provides a fishnet

$30 gives a sack of potatoes

$20 educates a teacher

$50 provides medical care
(photos from CLWR site)

In many instances, CLWR is able to partner with the Canadian International Development Agency who matches gifts up to 3X.  That means a $50 donation can be $150 by the time it leaves Canada.  

I love that our gifts can mean  new opportunities and so much potential for another family!  I think this year we will give a gift of chickens - good food like eggs and  the possibliity to generate some income by selling eggs means a lot for a family.

There are so many opportunities like this one, sponsored by other organizations.  Consider picking one or two and honoring your loved ones in a very special way.


  1. Giving these little gifts can really make a significant difference for the whole family. We've been talking about how to give this Christmas in meaningful ways, and how one day we'd love to give medical supplies to help those who needed it so much.

  2. It always amazes me how for such a small amount in our standards, so much can be accomplished and provided for in third world countries. It certainly puts things in perspective doesn't it. Thanks for sharing this amazing organization!