Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

The week was full of remembering and thankfulness for those who have served, especially in war and peacekeeping.

But then Ann and Melinda remind me that there is  One who has served by giving His very life

and the red poppies remind of His blood

and the pictures remind of agony and suffering

and the green leaves remind of new growth

and my tears are for my very life.

What sacrifice HE made for me and what must I sacrifice to truly serve Him?

And I know that His grace is mine again today

and tomorrow

and for every tomorrow

 and I know that I serve Him with my thanks.

And the gifts keep coming,

steady and sure,

and noticed and counted.

- writers who share and in the sharing empower and inspire my writing

- sunshine and crisp blue skies

- standing outside in the sunshine

- a community gathered in remembrance and in honour

- a request to please pray for them as they serve

- our national anthem

- words in poetry and in music

- safe travel

- the excitement of grandchildren

- little dances amidst the cries of "Gamma's here, Gamma's here!"

- sitting between the two of them at mealtimes

- handcrafted jewellery

- time for adult conversation

- vacation travel

- safe returns from vacation travel

- beautiful pictures of newborn twins

- watching them mix dirt burgers

- enthusiastic sliding down piles of dirt

- dishes done within minutes of supper being over

- serving by babysitting

- bedtime stories

- praying with them as they settle into bed

- Sunday messages and encouragement in daily living

- excitement as they check things out of the church library

- little eyes filled with wonder at Christmas lights

- amazing 50% sale on fabrics

- warm winter jackets

- pizza

- leftovers

- organizing

- rows of jars all tucked away in a re-purposed cupboard

- memories of my Gramma's jars all in a row

- finding the perfect Christmas gifts on another great sale

- days of work

- children's creativity in art

- the patterns of math thinking

- tuna waldorf salad

- bracelets on a tree

- sunset

- tasks completed

- my washing machine and dryer

- God's grace that gives me everything

- the joy that builds as Advent approaches

- God's incredible love for me and you!

holy experience

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