Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today We -

- shared good morning hugs

- waved good-bye to Daddy

- played with the firefighter hat and tools

- wrestled on the bed

- built a fort

- sat in the toy box

- ate peanut butter and jam on toast

- made orange juice

- mixed "my stuff"

- played doctor and nurse

- learned how to flush (you should have seen his grin!)

- brushed teeth

- gave out medals at the Olympics

- sang "O Canada"

- interviewed the winner of kayaking, snowboarding moguls, diving, aerials, hockey and biking

- folded - and unfolded! - laundry

- one napped with Bear and Alligator

- one was too busy to nap

- made the bed and jumped on it

- hiked to the top of "Kilimanjaro",  exactly one year after Grampa did it!

- found a good walking stick

- camped in the treehouse

- ate snacks in the woods

- learned that moss is soft to sleep on

- ate pasta with sauce

- shared Smarties and juice

- rode trikes and tractors

- climbed ladders

- read Amelia Bedelia and The Baby

- colored pumpkins

- crawled all over Gramma

- wrestled with Grampa

- had a great time together!!!


  1. And a very busy day! Sounds like lots of fun over there. Miss you.

  2. this list is soooo cute! sounds like an awesome day. :) i love how you wrote this.