Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ten on Thursday

1.  I. am. tired. of. gardening!  I just want to work the whole thing down, never mind that there are some potatoes,  2 rows of carrots and a row of parsnips still in it.

1A.  Amended to say that since I first wrote this at noon today, Bob went over the potatoes with the big tractor and the  cultivator and they are all dug up!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!  The weeds are gone, the field is worked, the potatoes are picked up - I am so thankful for his help with this project.  I dug one more row of carrots and hopefully will get the other one out yet today.  Funny how half an hour of help can change my perspective!

2.  Carrot French Fries anyone?  Maybe that's a way to use some of my carrots.

3.  I miss the colors of the leaves.  Everything is so empty and grey already.

4.  I'm working on a little birthday project for Miss Helayna.  I'll show you after the party.

5.  The temperature this afternoon reached +23 degrees C - it's just beautiful out there!  The forecast for Monday:  snow flurries.  I hope they are wrong!

6.  We had tuna with grated apple and grated cheese on sesame sprouted bread as our sandwiches for lunch today.  It was such a yummy mix of flavours - and so easy to do.

7.  How about these for a Halloween treat to give out to the kids?  Lots of possibilities for decorating them too.

8.  And while you are checking out that recipe, you can also preorder the Mennonite Girls Can Cook recipe book that's going to be released early in 2011.  It will be a great book, I'm sure.

9.  I bought a few Christmas scrapbook papers yesterday and I'm looking forward to creating the pages of my December Daily album, following Ali Edwards' philosophy.  Her 2009 book was featured in this December's issue of Scrapbooks Etc..  This will be the third year I've done this little project and I love looking back at the last 2 albums.

10.  One more photo of the autumn colors alongside a local road - I'm glad I took lots of pictures that day!  It was like driving up a golden road.


  1. Beautiful photos! The leaves disappeared so quickly, didn't they?! I'm glad you got some help with those potatoes = good luck with the rest. I should be there helping you.

  2. The leaves seem to just disappear here, without being beautiful. I must go in search of some colour before they are all gone!
    I know just what you mean re gardens. Mine needs serious atention after the frosts of the past few days. Baskets and pots to empty, and a lot of hacking back to do. Maybe on Sunday afternoon. If it doesn't rain!
    I am so glad you had some help to get in the last of your harvest, Crystal. And how great it is to haul out veg we have grown to cook too.