Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Summer's Worth of Jars

It's been quite the summer for me!  Preserving and capturing the tastes of summer has taken lots of my time - and a huge number of jars!

Here is the final tally:
Quart jars:
35 peaches
14 pears
7 plums
24 sauerkraut
5 applesauce
5 dill pickles

Pint jars:
30 tomatoes
10 peaches
15 applesauce
18 zucchini relish
15 salsa
9 beet relish
12 rhubarb chutney
8 peach chutney
14 raspberry jam

Plus there are lots of things in the freezer and some onions, carrots and potatoes for the cold room.  I am so very thankful that these food items are waiting to be shared and enjoyed by many this winter!  And now I am ready to do some other things.  Let it snow - wait, maybe that's a bit much!


  1. Wow!! That's a lot of good, hard work in those jars :) You and Heather inspired me to try canning for the first time this year, although I have far fewer jars in my pantry!!

  2. I'm very impressed!

    My daughter has a pantry that looks similar in contents.

  3. Oh WOW! You really did "put up" a lot of goodies this year. You will enjoy them when it's -40 and the wind is howling!

  4. Wow! That's awesome. I can't believe how full that shelf is. You're going to enjoy all that summer goodness in the cold winter months. Can you save some peaches for Samuel and a jar of raspberry jam for me? ;)

  5. Anonymous6:00 PM

    wow, that is a LOT of goodies. it must have felt endless when you were in the middle of it. it will taste so good this winter though.

  6. This just looks lovely!!! Almost...almost....too pretty to eat :)

  7. Crystal, that looks ABSOLUTELY amazing!! What a lot of hard work...and what a lot of enjoyment you will have opening those jars later this year. YUM! :)

  8. HOLY COW! Nice work!!!!!!!