Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We had a wedding to go to over the weekend and about two weeks before the date, while mulling over what we could give the couple as a gift, it suddenly dawned on me that a quilt would be perfect.  I guess in the busy-ness of summer with silaging and preserving keeping me occupied, I hadn't even thought of making one!  So, with two weeks to go, I started assembling fabric and cutting squares.

Ryan and Brittany, for whom I was making the quilt, are committed to recyling, reusing and reducing - in a big way! - so my goal was to use only fabric that I already had on hand.  

And here is the way it looked at 10:30 a.m. the morning of the wedding!  It still had to be washed and dried, and thankfully one of our neighbors offered to do that for me.  

I almost like the back as much as I like the front!  I was 10 squares short of solid fabric so I did some piecing of remnants, which adds lots of interest.  This side was not planned out at all!

You can see the random bits here.

Here it is, on a bed, all washed and dried, ready to be given - with lots of love!  This is only the second quilt I've made and I felt the same way with the first - do I really have to give it away?!    I think it will make a great picnic blanket or cover for guests to sleep under.  I'm so glad this was what we decided to give as our gift.   Now - who else would like a rag quilt?!!


  1. STUNNING!!! I am so impressed - and can't believe you managed to make it in 2 weeks, Crystal. Your quilts are really lovely,and the colours remind me of spring. Why don't you make some for your home too?

  2. It turned out beautifully!! They're going to love that it was homemade and by someone very special.
    And, yes please to a rag quilt! Samuel would love to have one to snuggle with at know with cars, trucks, tractors or bulldozers on it. ;)

  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    this turned out SOOOO awesome. i still can't believe you did it with everything else you had going on. what an amazing gift.

  4. WOW, beautiful! What a gorgeous quilt and an amazing wedding gift! I would love to learn to sew a rag quilt, I think they are so nice! Where would I find the time or someone who could teach me how to sew again!!