Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three Years Ago Today

Over at Shutter Sisters , the assignment today is to take a look back in the archives and see where you were one year ago.  So I plugged in my external hard drive, merrily went into the 2008 archives - and discovered that there are no pictures archived after September, 2008!  Ummmm- - - - - - wonder where they are??!!  My gut feeling about this is not good!  But carrying on with the assignment I went back a little further - and to my absolute delight, found these precious gems!!

November, 2006

Nearly 5 months old - just about the same age her baby brother is now!

And to think - she enjoyed her first day at playschool today!!
It's absolutely incredible how much she's grownup in these 3 years -
and how much she still makes me smile!!!


  1. You know, I seem to remember your grandkids being very tiny, now I come to think of it. We have been friends for a while now, and it is amazing how much has happened and how everyone has grown! Lovely looking back!

  2. Ah, what cute photos of Meadow. It's hard to remember when she was that little. Three years have flown by. How did playschool go?