Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gratitude Gifts Today

I am thankful for these gifts today:

- that even though the sun sets very early now, the sky is still so interesting - I always feel so close to God when I see sunrise and sunset

- quiet days

- fresh baked buns with butter

- watching two little chickadees outside my kitchen window

- Christmas music with its message and inspiration, amidst beautiful instruments and vocals

- sewing little things like pencil cases for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes

- newly sharpened pencils - also for the shoeboxes

- applesauce with cinnamon and cream

- reading the whole book of James in my Bible

- a "Hello" via email

- a vacuum to use often as the floor project continues

- seeing our grandchildren growing and healthy

- candles burning as darkness falls

- Christmas scrapbooking papers

- a new spot for my spider plant and the plant stand

- finding T-bone steaks in the freezer

- wrapping Christmas presents

- cheese and tomato sandwiches on marble rye bread

- finding a shoebox of very old pictures, including Christmases past


  1. Our church did Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, too. A great organization.

    I've never had applesauce with cream but it sounds delicious. So do the fresh baked buns with butter and those cheese and tomato sandwiches...I must be hungry!


  2. Your list is definitely Christmassy, Crystal! I love the beginning of December - and all the changes as we start preparing for Christmas. Gratitude lists are great!

  3. Great list Crystal! What a great idea to sew pencil cases for the Christmas boxes--I will have to remember that for next year!

  4. Great list!! I want to do the Operation Christmas Child boxes with my kids but where do I find them? I can't seem to this year!

  5. Lovely list of thankfulness!

  6. Good things to be grateful for.

  7. such a great list! i'm looking forward to seeing the floor!
    Your pencil cases turned out awesome!

  8. Love your list!! I nominated you as a Kreative Blogger on my blog if you have time to play!