Friday, November 20, 2009

Home Again

My camera has been away this week, safe in a bag but not at our house - and I've felt a little lost.  There have been countless times when I've reached for it, only to remember it's not here.  Now that I know it's back home, I have a sense of peace and eagerness.  It's almost like a long lost child has found his/her way home and I'm rejoicing.  Silly, isn't it?!  It's only a camera but it's like one of us - a part of who I am, an extension of family, a dear and real part of our life.

Welcome Home, Little Camera!  I've missed you this week.  I'm eager to play with you tomorrow!
Love, Me

(the last picture I took with my Canon 350)


  1. It happens way to much that something very photo-worthy happens and I don't have my camera! Glad you have yours back with you.

  2. Oh, being without a camera is not good. Like having a missing body part. I'm glad you have it back - let the shooting begin again!

  3. Thanks for letting us borrow it!!! I'm glad you have it back now!