Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gratitude Gifts Today

Last night I was worrying about some stuff and trying to figure out how to solve things - and then it hit me.  These were not my things to worry about - these were not my responsibilities - these thoughts were taking me away from God.  And I was reminded again that in giving thanks for all that I have, my thoughts still and my heart gives it up to God and I breathe easier and my heart my mind are at peace.

It was then that I found the slip of paper tucked inside my pocket this week.  My scripture memory verse, written in code, just a few letters to help me memorize easier.  Why do I worry and fret when He is my Rock and He has good  things planned for me when I share what I have with others and put my complete trust in Him?  I am so childish sometimes, when I know better.  I need to do better now so I count my blessings, whisper my verse and trust in His abiding love.  He has never failed me and He won't start now!!

So my gratitude gifts, with thanks and a peaceful heart -

 - brilliant sunrises

- chai tea in my travel mug

- talk radio to hear new points of view and in depth stories

- juicy sweet oranges

- days of subbing and a job that allows me flexibility

- fresh new paint in a color I like

- nice tasting toothpaste

- hugs from my sister

- strategies for memorizing Scripture verses

- watching my nieces develop into amazing teachers

- Pumpkin Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganauche

- reading the name of a friend on a list of winners

- fresh carrot sticks

- helping students finish assignments

- time with Helayna and Silas to play and cuddle

- online research with an eager learner

- warm temperatures - +15.9 C today

- playing games in the gym

- photo albums packed with pictures and memories

- clean dishes (thanks, Mom K)

- new trim put around freshly painted doors

- messages from Meadow

- colorful, flowing scarves from Egypt

- a fluffy pillow

- visits with my aunt and uncle - and a chance for Helayna and Silas to play at their house

- food in our fridge

- making plans with friends

I am blessed and so thankful for God's goodness in my life!  I trust Him to continue to provide all that we need, and more besides.


  1. Loved reading your gratitude gifts and the great variety they covered!

  2. I love this entry...always love it when I can find a scripture that speaks to ME, like you did. I love the Psalms, naturally.
    Those carrots were so big they looked like Swee'taters. Did you grow them?
    I think at least once a week, everyone should make a gratitude list (though once a day wouldn't be too much, would it?)
    Great entry.

  3. Very well said my friend! I too need to remind myself of this very important lesson, "Let Go and Let God"
    Thanks for sharing today!

  4. Great list, Mom, and thanks for the reminding that God is more than faithful, more than able, and more concerned about my life than I am. Trusting is absolutely the hardest part of faith for me. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts with me.

  5. Wonderful words, Crystal, and a wonderful list to illustrate them too. We are really so blessed, and need to remember the small things!

  6. Great post and something I too need to remind myself of daily, okay maybe hourly! :o) I am a worry wart and have a lot of problems giving it all over to God!Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beautiful, Crystal.

    "These were not my things to worry about - these were not my responsibilities - these thoughts were taking me away from God."

    This part made my heart skip! How true! But how simple--and how easy to forget. thank you for reminding me of this, too, Crystal.


  8. Your gratitude gift list looks great. It was nice going through the vast variety of gratitude gift.

  9. what a beautiful list. thank you so much for all your help with the kids on saturday! we never could have done it without you.