Friday, November 13, 2009

Ten on Friday - A Day Late

1.  Compassion has sent a team of bloggers to El Salvador this week and the stories they have to tell are so poignant.  Kelly has such a great heart for kids and I guarantee that reading her thoughts will make you cry.  Please, please, please consider sponsoring a child - it will change their world - and yours!!

2.  At long last, the suitcases are emptied and put away!  This is always a mammoth task for me.  I do okay with getting the laundry out and the basics put away but then there's all the other stuff.

3.  Do you remember the old truck that I found last year during my walks at the lake?  It's still there - and it still makes a great photo op :))

4.  Lazy cabbage rolls + carrot cake = comfort food!

5.  The school division here had an extra long weekend of 5 days in a row this week.  No subbing as a result but it gave lots of people, staff and students families,  a chance to go away.

6.  Even though the great colors and all the growing things are gone outside, there are still great things to see and great photos to be taken.  I think this might be a new favourite picture.

7.   Bob's mom and dad celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this week.   That's a very long time to be married - twice as long as us, to be exact!  And another really cool thing is that all of their 6 original attendants are still alive!

8.  If you are looking for a way to help provide clean drinking water to people who desperately need it, check out charity: water - they are helping to drill water wells in many communities around the world.  The stories from people they've helped are so, so amazing!

9.  There is a layer of dust on everything in my living room and kitchen - see #10 below!

10.  The home renovations continue at our house!  The floor project looks great - thanks to Naomi, Jerry and Darrin who worked on it while we were away.  Of course one thing led to another and now we are painting walls, doors and trim.  I'm kind of enjoying painting - which I've never done before!  But the chaos - not so much :(


  1. The floors look awesome!! We're trying to figure out which part of the house you are showcasing in this photo.
    It is absolutely amazing that Grandma and Grandpa celebrated 65 years of marriage and all the attendants are alive, too. It's truly a blessing that they've had so many years together.
    Love this list. Thanks for sharing and stirring up my thoughts about others in need.

  2. The floors look beautiful!!

  3. i love that you found that truck again! it would be awesome for a family portrait session!