Monday, November 23, 2009

Always There

The Shutter Sisters assignment was to photograph something that's always there.

And stop signs are always there - even when you don't think of them or don't realize how they are absolutely necessary.

And then there are the sinks full of dishes - do they never end???   I'm notorious for not drying the dishes.  I much prefer air drying :))

I apologize for not linking to Shutter Sisters but their website is down for maintenance so I'll try to link tomorrow.


  1. Two very different and interesting takes on the topic.

  2. I prefer a dishwasher, electric or by the hands of someone else!!

    Looks like it may be a little treacherous to stop where that stop sigh is. If Alabama gets that much snow we shut the town down and stay home!!

  3. Funny....I like to air dry too!

  4. great photos! love these daily life ones!

  5. We air dry, too! And in the morning our countertops look a lot like yours. XO