Thursday, March 19, 2009


Remember this LO from Design Your Life, week #10?

I used the same idea but changed it up to this!

The red star buttons and the acrylic journalling spot (from Maya Road) work perfectly!!  And the picture of our 3 beautiful nieces at my Mom's birthday is showcased so nicely.  I love scrapbooking!!


  1. Awesome pages! I love the stamp or whatever it is at the top of the page with Meadow! So cute!!

  2. Nice page. I am sure I would love scrapbooking too if I could sit down with you over a coffee and you could show me (step by step) your process. You've seen my efforts, so you know what I'm talking about, right?

  3. Looks great, Mom! I can't wait to come and do some with you. Maybe I should pack a few pictures along, but I'm sure I have some there that I've left behind, too. See you in a few more hours. Yeah!!

  4. Beautiful pages! They are both awesome - great idea to just repeat the design on another page. You wouldn't even be able to tell looking through an album - they both have a style of their own too.