Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Lisa Day has started a marvelous new thing-to-do!  It's called The Creativity Project and it just means doing something creative every single day.  I think it's a marvelous idea - feel free to join in, even if you just do it for yourself.  Be sure to go over to Lisa's blog, check out her explanation and see what she's creating.  

2.  My Creativity Projects for March :  Day 1 - Cookies 'N Cream Cupcakes    
 Day 2 - Scrapbook layout "Beautiful Girls" (I'll take a picture and share it tomorrow)

3.  I found some beautiful old, old wedding pictures in a box at my mom's tonight.  I don't know the people (some distant cousins of my grandmother) but the black and white pictures are so amazing.  

4.  Roasted vegetables - potatoes, celery, onions, carrots, parsnips and mushrooms - baked with olive oil and herbs are SO delicious!

5.  We went to a presentation tonight about the work of our church and its partnership with the Lutheran Church in Colombia.  It's so good to hear how God works through us to help others with prayer, energy and gifts.

6.  In the last few days, I've had  emails from 5 different couples that were on our South American tour last year!  How good it was to hear from them - great big smiles over here :))

7.  You must go over to Bakerella and check out the recipe for Walnut Blondies with Maple Butter Sauce.  I found it yesterday when I was helping a student do online research for a cupcake recipe and 
I think I'm going to have to try making them.

8.  Remember daylight saving time begins in Canada - and other places too, I think - this coming weekend.  I'm really not looking forward to losing that hour of sleep.

9.  What are you most looking forward to  this spring?  For me it's the growing things - grass, trees, plants, flowers - I can hardly wait to see all of them again.

10.  The winner of my blog giveaway is Susan (Penless Writer) from Arizona!  Thank you to all of you who commented - and who continue to bless me with your presence, your thoughtfulness and your caring.  Love you!!

Hoarfrost on the branches - but I think leaves would look better :))


  1. I made roast veg for supper last night, with sweet potato, parsnips (the best!) onions and mushrooms. It was delicious. And I have a new scrapbook a friend gave me to start now Emma is here. My first scrapbook for a grandchild! I will be trawling through your old posts for ideas!

  2. I won!!!!!! Yeah!!! What a way to start my early morning. By the way, I live in Oklahoma, not Arizona. Arizona is where we married and where we celebrated our 50th Anniversary and where, unfortunately, my husband ended up in the emergency room.

    Your energy level and accomplishment amaze me Crystal.

  3. WOW! Looks like you've been busy! Love your ten on Tuesday!

  4. We change our clocks too this weekend, but I think in Europe it's a few more weeks away. I remember in Poland we weren't on the same schedule as NA. Tyler's looking forward to having more sunlight in the evenings so he can run home more often.
    The recipes sound delicious. I'm still amazed at how much you can accomplish in one day. If I could do half of what you do... mind you I think I sleep a bit more than you. ;)
    I'm rooting for spring as well. My winter jacket isn't fitting great anymore and I really want to get into the spring stuff, put the boots and hats and mitts away and get on with the leaves, colours and spring weather. My favourite part of spring is blossoms whether on trees or flowers. I miss the big magnolia tree that use to be down the street from us in Poland. It was one of my favourite things to visit in Poland.

  5. I'm not looking forward to the time change either. :( I guess that means we have to go to bed earlier this weekend.

    Those roast veggies sound so good! I should make them - I bet Helayna would really like them too.