Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be ever at your back.  Old Irish Blessing

2.  Amazing all the green things you can find around you!  

3.  When all else fails, go with your pearls!  I've decided they are the necklace to go with my outfit.

4.  In just 3 days, Melinda and Tyler will be home from New York City again!!!  We are so thankful that they can come for the wedding.

5.  People, like Brin at My Messy, Thrilling Life, are planting gardens already!!  Mind you, it is in Texas but still!  We are about 2 months away from frost free nights although some things will go into the ground in late April/early May.  It's not unknown to have a snowstorm in these parts on the May long weekend.  

6.  It's Potato Soup for supper tonight, in honour of the Irish celebration.  The kids at the school I was subbing at today had green pancakes for lunch!  And the challenge of the day was to bring a "green" lunch - in colour and environmentally too.

7.  Ree from The Pioneer Woman won Best Weblog at this year's Bloggie awards in Austin, TX yesterday.  She really does deserve the honours and it's quite the accomplishment for a cooking/ranching/photography blog.  

8.  Guess who's coming to Edmonton at the end of April????  None other than the marvelous Heidi Swapp!!    I won't be there but I hope that some of my friends will be able to enjoy the day with her.  

9.  First day of spring is arriving this week!  We could do with some warm temperatures and melting snow around here.  The hours of daylight stretching up to 8 p.m. these days is much appreciated but we need more than that to feel springlike.

10.  The Sunday School lesson I taught on Sunday was about Jesus giving us living water (John 4:14)  and it got me thinking about how we use that water He gives us.  The kids and I each had a cupful of water and had to 'spend it' by pouring different amounts into jugs we'd labelled with the uses of water.   Where do I pour out the living water He gives me?  Do I use it to nourish myself and others or do I just pour it down the drain?     


  1. I always love your lists and that last point has me thinking, especially as of late...

  2. Fantastic Sunday school lesson - may I steal it (borrow it)?

  3. Great list, Mom. We're counting down the days, too. Tyler gets all of Friday off, so we'll sleep in and do somethings around here before we board our afternoon flight. It's arriving so quickly. I'm sure D&K are feeling that way too.
    Great last point by the way. Our message on Sunday was about being salt and light, and how that is exactly what we are, not what we do. Our identity is in Christ and how do we let him work out through us to reach out to people near and far. Lots to think about.

  4. Great thought about the living water! So glad Melinda and Tyler get to come home to see you soon! AND i sooo want to go see Heidi too!