Saturday, March 28, 2009


It's very quiet around our house today as all the little munchkins have returned to their homes!  We had a marvelous week with a full, noisy house so I have to share just a few more pictures.  Thank goodness Heather is so awesome about having her camera ready and using it often.  Most of these pictures are thanks to her!

These two little girls just loved being together!  I'm so glad they could have several days together to enjoy being cousins.  

And this little man watched all the action and blew bubbles!

When Daddy/Uncle Jerry and Grampa weren't available for wrestling, Gramma was their target.  Oh, my - they made me laugh so hard!

And of course, she wanted to watch the video of herself at the barn with all the animals so they hung out together for a bit.


  1. You are wonderful grandparents.

  2. :) enjoy the quiet and rest! we will miss you this week. thanks so much for having us!

  3. They sure look happy to being playing with each other.

  4. The kids were so cute and so much fun. I love Silas's bubble blowing. It's so great to see the cousins playing and wanting to spend time together. Good wrestling by the way. ;)