Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Year Ago Project

Visiting farms while we were in South America was definitely a highlight for us.  The first one our local guide arranged was to -

This was on the side of one of the farm trucks.  Each unit had a number assigned to it.  Fazenda means farm in Portuguese.

The main farmyard was lined with beautiful trees.  I think it was in the 1970's that three brothers came from Argentina to work as tractor drivers in this area.  Thirty years later they own a huge parcel of land and are well known as excellent farmers.  

The machine shed was filled with green - 

combines (I think there were 4) -

12 tractors in these 2 rows (and others out and about in the yard) - 

corn planters and myriad other pieces.

They have storage facilities on the farm, which is rather unusual.

The managers took us out to a field of cotton -

and the field boss showed how strong and healthy the plants were.

 A total of 27 different spray applications are put on cotton and this airplane was used for much of that.  The pilot came from Sao Paulo to work for 6 months every year.  I'm sure he would have had a lot to discuss with my brother, who does the same thing here. 

Also on the farm are apartments for workers and a large dining hall and kitchen.  Wherever we went in Brazil, they were eager to show us the facilities for workers.  The government has legislation in place to protect the rights of workers and it is enforced.  It was evident that the management of human resources was just as important as crop management.  


  1. What an educational trip you took, on top of all else.

  2. You went on such a cool trip and tour. I'm glad you and Dad were able to do this and you learned so much along the way. Thanks for sharing the great photos and info. Everything looks so clean and colourful there.

  3. Love all the green...we are John Deere here all the way too!

    Were they dry there? I heard their soybean crops were suffering.

  4. what an interesting trip you had!