Saturday, December 06, 2008

We went to the funeral of our neighbor this afternoon, despite the slush and rain.  The church looked so festive with a huge hanging Advent wreath, a Creche, purple and gold banners and beautiful stained glass windows.  And the minister reminded us that despite our thoughts about a funeral and our grief at this loss, going home to our Heavenly Father is indeed a festive occasion.  For it is at the foot of the cross that we celebrate our Saviour and the eternal life He gained for us.    It somehow seemed appropriate that we should be reminded of life, living each day and treasuring those we love during these days of light, excitement and wonderment.    Definitely not how we thought we'd be spending a day in Advent but a reminder of  the reality of our lives and that everything happens according to God's plan.  


  1. a beautiful post and so true, especially reflecting on the season.

  2. Celebrating the life of your friend must be especially moving at this time of year in a church decorated for Christmas. But Christmas is a reminder of the greatest gft - eternal life, so I can see so much hope too, Crystal.