Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cold, Cold, Cold

Oh, the weather outside is frightful tonight!  -35 degrees Celsius with a windchill making it about 10 degrees colder.  I got a haircut today (I think I found a new hairdresser that's going to be great!) and then did some shopping in the city.  It was chilly running in and out and the warm stores seemed so welcoming!!  

The wish list is dwindling although I think I need to go once more to wrap it up.  I found some great 50% off deals already and the only place there was a line-up was at The Children's Place.  It was about 15 - 20 people long so I exited.  Even at Costco, where the parking lot was jam packed, there weren't any lineups.  Mind you, it's the first time I've seen all the tills open too. 

So now I need to get serious about wrapping things :))  which will be a great job while I'm inside, keeping warm and stoking the fireplace!


  1. I can't even imagine -35 Celsius. Do you mean you can actually survive that cold? It's about 14 Celsius here and we are wrapping the scarves back around us again. -35 that's wild!

  2. Oh my...we're not ready for that much cold! It's been around zero here most days, but this week it's suppose to be a bit warm, up to 13C. Did you get lots of snow as well? I'm almost finished with our Christmas gifts, too. Just a few January birthday presents I want to finish up before we come. That's on this week's list of to dos.
    Can't wait to see you, only 7 more sleeps!!

  3. wow that is chilly...actually frozing.

    Love the new cookie photo on your blog header!