Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ten (+1) on Tuesday

1.  Today is World Aids Day - There is so much suffering, misunderstanding and work to be done to help those who suffer.   Compassion International offers hope and is working for those with AIDS.  

2.  Snow is falling, lightly and softly covering the ground in tiny fluffy flakes today.  

3.  I watched The Amazing Race - Moscow on Sunday night and it was so interesting.  The mother - son combo was leading until he counted wrong and lost nearly an hour.  And then - he left the bag with their money and passports in a taxi and lost everything!  It was so real - one of those great big fears that every traveller has on every trip, I think!  I've always been interested in Russia and now I really want to visit.    No surprise about that, is there?!!  Show me a new place and I'll have good reasons why we should go there!!  The metro looked a bit frightening though.  Might have to take Tyler and Melinda so they could help figure it out!  

4.  Abbie at All In His Design shared this video in November and it struck me today as something to really consider during this season of giving.  How can I help so many?  I can help one girl in one place at a time .

5.  There's a lovely chicken roasting in the oven and it will soon be joined by potatoes and carrots - comfort food for a wintery day.

6.  Only 19 days until the shortest day of the year!!  And then the days start getting longer again - hurray!  I can hardly wait!

7.  I have 2 pages done in my Ali Edwards' inspired December Daily album and I am so happy to be doing this.  If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed about the Christmas season, I suggest you try this little project.  It will help you to focus on each day and the enjoyment to be found along the way.

8.  I finished one sewing project last night and I'm on another one today.  I wish I could show it to you but it's a gift so I have to keep it top secret for now :))  I really am enjoying sewing again!!  And there are so many inspiring sewers out there  - if you are looking for inspiration, try: 

Pink Chalk Studio - definitely liked her little booth at a recent craft fair
HappyThings - where Amy has some cool bags - some would be great to use instead of wrapping paper
TheMerryChurchMouse - a beautiful quilt is her latest creation

9.  My goal for each day from now until Christmas (actually until Mel and Tyler come home on the 23rd)  is to do one 'kitchen/food/decorating' related thing and one 'sewing/scrapbooking/wrapping'  related thing each day.  I wonder how long that will last?!!

10.  I love looking through old pictures!  Today's particular batch was just from last summer so technically they aren't that old but they are from the past.  And I did a lot of smiling as I remembered our shared adventures - we have so many wonderful memories that we've made with family and friends.  I highly recommend going back into your albums or envelopes or stacks on a regular basis and enjoying those moments that you've captured.    

10 + 1.  I tried to give my blog a bit more festive look - what do you think?  Thanks to Kelsey for baking those cookies so that I could have such a great looking banner :))  And there are still a few things that I need to figure out to get it all perfect - bear with me, please!


  1. I can't wait to see what you've been sewing! :) I'm curious...

    I wish we could have come for dinner - it sounds yummy. We had tacos - Jonathan came home early from work and made supper while I was at the gym. :)

    I can't get any videos to load right now so I'll have to come back later to watch.

  2. Sounds like you're definitely in the holiday spirit, and the snow falling outside must make it feel that way a little more today. When will the first fire in the fireplace take place?
    That little sewing machine of yours is hard at work; I'm eager to see what you've been up to. Just 20 more sleeps. :))

  3. Y'know Crystal, I had never watched amazing race before, but I caught an episode this season that was in Bolivia, and the peek at another country's culture was fascinating. So, I'm hooked! And I loved the episode in Moscow! So interesting! I could care less about the race, but loved the parks and the subway!

  4. I think your new festive look blog is - striking - and those biscuits look yummy enough for me to break my weight loss eating habits - just one maybe?

  5. Yummy! I bet those cookies taste good too! Love the festive look too. I wish you could show us what you have been up to in the sewing room. I'm lucky because no family reads my blog,so I can post or say whatever I want!! Hee! Hee! I am feverishly working on Logans quilt, it is coming together nicely but the pattern is a challenge so I hope it will turn out the way it should. It's been stretching my brain if you know what I mean.

  6. Your dinner sounds great....I should really be making mine instead of sitting at my computer...lol!