Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

For today's Tuesday column, I thought I'd share 10 fun online sites where I found some great Christmas gift ideas.  I know it's too late to shop most of these places now but you can check them out and maybe have them on tap for another time.  

1.  The first shopping I planned was for my favourite charity, Compassion International.  You can sponsor a child, give a one time gift, donate to the Global Food fund or help in a whole bunch of different ways.  

2.  If you are a scrapbooker - or know one :)) - and are thinking of hybrid or digital designing (which I love but have no clue about!), Designer Digitals has the oh, so creative Ali Edwards on their team and she has some amazing templates and word art over there.  There are a ton of other creative people with great products too!

3.  Stubby Pencil Studios have kid and earth  friendly art supplies.  I know some little ones who would love these things.  

4.  You can find beautiful fabric, patterns and tons of ideas at Sew, Mama, Sew.

5.  There are lots of jewellery designers selling wonderful little pieces through their Etsy shops.  Check Heather Ann Designs for cool beaded pieces. 

6.  For the outdoor enthusiast, Mountain Equipment Coop is a dream site!

7.  Anything for your home can be found at Home Outfitters.  Love this chocolate jug! 

8.  Books to get?  Go straight to Chapters and receive sweet free shipping if your order is over a set amount (which is never hard to achieve!).

 9.   Maybe you have a mom-to-be on your list - check Motherhood for some great ideas for her.

10.  Baby Gap has everything you could want for kids - like this dress coat -

or a onesie that would be great on any little boy -

or cute dresses for the little girls in your life!

Sorry I couldn't give you more images - Blogger is having issues!

I hope your shopping is nearly completed and that you've enjoyed planning and purchasing for those you love.  Have fun wrapping and cherish the joy when they open their packages.  I'm off to wrap some things so I hopefully won't be up until 3 a.m. one night!


  1. I wonder who you've been shopping for... :)
    I love that hoodie from MEC. Jonathan was there tonight shopping for a certain someone...
    Have fun wrapping!

  2. Now I'm wondering what you've bought for all those people on your list. Hope you get all the wrapping done in the next week. I can help with some when we arrive. I need to wrap mine as well since I can't have them wrapped to go through customs. I'm almost finished just two little things left to do. See you soon!!!

  3. I am really diggin' that chocloate jug! Hmmm, may have to venture to Home Outfitters and take a peek. I never go to Home Outfitters - not really my thing. I find them too commercial... But now you have me interested! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Now I have some idea of what you have been squirrelling away, Crystal! I absolutely LOVE your header! Where does that come from? Stunning. Sorry I have not been commenting much lately - I seem to be in holiday mode. It is snowing heavily a tthe moment, and the place is going to be a total winter wonderland when it stops. There was already snow on the ground befofre this too. I can't beging to tell you how much I love this place.