Friday, December 05, 2008

The Nativity Story

Tonight we watched this movie

in front of the fireplace.

And it was a great movie to see!  It totally calls you back to the reality of Mary and Joseph, their obedience to God's calling and the amazing gift that came to us with Jesus' birth.  I think watching this is going to become a Christmas tradition.  


  1. It is a great movie. I hunted down 'Facing the Giants' - am going to buy it this week and watch it. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Those two grand children of yours (Heleyna and Silas are SO cute).

  2. We watched it for the first time last Christmas in Nova Scotia and both really liked it. I think they did a great job of portraying what life really would have been like and the struggles both Mary and Joseph would have faced. I bought Tyler a movie for Christmas that we'll have to watch with you guys one night. It's one of his Christmas favourites that we don't have yet.

  3. Thanks for sharing this movie with us! I have been trying to think of things that we can do that really reflect the true meaning of Christmas and this seems like such a great tradition to start!

  4. We watched this at the theater when it first came out and I agree, it was a lovely movie. Would probably be even lovelier watching it by a roaring fire ;)

  5. now i have to go and find that movie so we can watch it. i haven't seen it yet. wish we had a big fireplace tonight!