Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1.  It's only been snowing for a few days but it seems way longer than that already!  It definitely looks like Christmas now.

2.  Putting glitter on things is so much fun and gives a totally fancy look in just a few seconds!  The grade 3 class I was subbing in today did an art project with a paper plate and the last step was putting glitter on the outside rim.  They looked so pretty so quickly.

3.  Some nights are just total phone nights!  I had 3 long conversations with 3 different people tonight.  Good visiting time though.

4.  I got a yummy box of books from Chapters at the post office today.  Good stuff - I think the recipients are going to enjoy them.

5.  Two more outdoor scenes for you - 

I love how the inside image of the 'O' is shining on the house in a large form.

This one belongs to our good friends, D & D - it's so bright and natural looking.

6.  What's your favourite Christmas cookie or treat?  I'm curious!

7.  Meadow was dancing around the house yesterday, clapping her hands, and chanting "I so excited!  I so excited!"  Little ones are such a joy and if it's possible, even more so at Christmas time!

8.  I'm collecting some recipe ideas for our Christmas entertaining.  How do Watermelon & Prawn skewers, Carmellized Onion Pizza and Sliced Pears with Orange Chocolate Dip sound?   Mel has been forwarding some good ideas too :))

9.  Is there anything more beautiful than a  brightly burning fireplace flanked by poinsettias, a sparkling Christmas tree and glowing candles?  That's my vision of our living room - now to execute it!

10.  If you are looking for some decorating inspiration, go and visit:

Mary at the Little Red House - how clever are these decorations?!!  Love them!!

The gang over at Amongst The Oaks hosted a cocktail party - it looks so yummy and the decorating is beautiful.

Tam at The Gypsy's Corner has the most beautiful dining table set up.  Love her china!!

I hope you are staying warm in your little corner of the world.!!


  1. Your entertaining menu sounds delicious! My favourite Christmas thing is mince pies with brandy butter. Warm from the oven. Just wonderful.
    I love the idea of fire, flowers and glittering tree too. It sounds beautiful, Crystal.
    Yesterday was a climbing the wall day. Today is slightly perkier. I will post something later before the mood shifts!

  2. I love the way people decorate at Christmas time. I never even noticed the "O" in joy on the house until you pointed it out. It looks great. How's your house coming along?
    My favourite Christmas treat, I have two, your poppycock and Grandma's homemade perogies.
    I can't wait to see the girls at Christmas time this year, opening presents, playing with all of us, the joy and excitement. 12 more sleeps.

  3. I like those photos! Great list!