Sunday, December 07, 2008

Advent 2

Today is the second Sunday in Advent and our pastor explained that the second candle in the wreath is for the Angels, who brought the good news to the world.  He  preached about persistence and perseverance because the world isn't always ready to hear the Christmas message.  One of his illustrations was a story about a man who wanted Christmas stamps for some cards and it took many tries, with stamps of winter, hockey, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and snow before he was able to find Mary and Baby Jesus on a stamp.  It really made me think about the symbols of Christmas that fill the world and our home.  I've been thinking too about Pastor Scott's statement that we still have time to clean out the corners of our lives before Christmas.  Our focus for December is so meaningful and very peaceful this year.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being at the center of our lives and drawing us close to you as we prepare for your coming again.

I found this beautiful picture of a wreath taken  by veralebail at family .  
It was taken in a flowershop in Vienna, behind St. Stephen's Cathedral.   I think her family travelled there for Christmas in 2005 and she has a gorgeous set of pictures posted.  This would be another beautiful place to visit again someday, especially at Christmas time!!

May your week be peaceful and filled with His light!


  1. sounds like a great message.

    we lit 2 candles at dinner tonight with helayna (who proceeded to think it was her birthday again) and tried to explain a bit about why we did it.

  2. I asked my class to create a title page for their Christmas booklet - we are not supposed to directly teach religion - but I always say that where there is a will there is a way. Anyway, one student asked if it was alright to draw a cross. I said that the cross was
    part of the Easter story - but if you want a cross because it represents what Christmas means to you, go ahead. His reply was that he thought it was the same dude anyway - and why don't they just put the two holidays together, cause that would be less confusing for everyone. Now there's an opportunity begging to be discussed - don't you think?

    That little story doesn't really have anything much to do with your post (which was lovely) - just thought I would share it with you.

    Many people are diving into Christmas with no idea of the significance. Too often Christians momentarily forget - as they get caught up with all the stresses and hype and shopping.

    I'm with you - peace and reflection this Christmas.

  3. I just read my morning devotion and it was about the reason we celebrate Christmas. I think your pastor is right on when it comes to this season, what we need to do, and what we should say to others about the significance of Christmas. Thanks for sharing.