Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Gathering #1

Despite freezing temperatures and poor roads, Bob's family gathered to celebrate Christmas today.   For the first time we met at a local camp instead of a home since there are 45 of us now.  It's always nice to all be together and share time and laughter.  

We ate some favourite family food, like perogies and cabbage rolls - 

chatted with those we don't see often - 

visited with the whole family -

enjoyed this little one, her big brother and little sister -

played some games - 

and did a whole lot of cuddling in front of the fire with the camp cat, especially Chloe!  

Not everyone was able to come today so hopefully we can have some sort of summer gathering and then all the cousins and their families can get together.  


  1. What a lovely idea. Looks very welcoming and family orientated. Many blessings - I'm sure.

  2. How wonderful you could get together, Crystal. Such a fantastic way to start celebratign Christmas! What on earth is a perogie?

    And yes, of course we will go on a carriage ride round the village!

  3. What great photos, Mom! I wish we could have seen everyone. I'm soooo looking forward to a SUMMER get together. :)

  4. Wow! That is a lot of people to get together. It must have been so much fun to see every one.

  5. Anonymous6:28 AM

    After reading this post, I got up from the computer and said to Brian, "let's make some time to visit the family after Christmas." (His family lives farther away than mine and we don't see them often.) I just had such an overwhelming desire to be with our families after seeing how dedicated you are to getting together! God Bless you, Crystal!


    PS I love the quilt header.

  6. Oh, we missed the perogies! I'm glad so many people could get together and share this holiday together. What games did you play? I'm sure it was wonderful at the camp. Any skiing or snowmobiling out there? A summer get together would be really nice, maybe babe and me can come for a visit.

  7. Sounds like one great Christmas celebration!

  8. Hi there! Thank you for writing back. I hope the Chili Cheese Dip turned out well. Have a wonderful Christmas!!