Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poem of the Day

"Morning Surprise" 
by Garnett Ann Schultz

I found the world this morning
Neath a blanket pure and white:
The snow so soft and gentle
Had fallen through the night.
No footprints marred its loveliness
No earthly thing was there;
And only wintertime supreme
Had made the whole world fair.

I found the trees this morning,
Each one dressed in splendor true
With every branch all covered
By the nighttime snow so new.
How lovely was the hilltop
In the early morning dawn,
Just before the world awakened
As the nighttime fast was gone.

I found the world this morning
And I thought it quite a thrill
As the precious little snowflakes
Brought a charm to yonder hill.
It was pleasant at the dawning,
And my heart was filled with charms
When I found the world this morning
Snug and safe in Winter's arms.


  1. Beautiful poem and picture. I really am looking forward to having snow for Christmas. Yesterday it poured rain here and there's still no sign of winter weather. I'm hoping Alberta will have a beautiful white blanket when we arrive in just over a week.

  2. Perfect Poem! Hope you are having a great week getting all those last minute surprises finished up.

  3. What a sweet poem! And I just love that sweet photo!

  4. Love the poem and the picture is so cute!!!