Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. The weather here continues to be mild and relatively warm, especially for late November. Sometimes we have temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius, howling winds and a foot of snow by now. Loved that I could go to Airdrie and back and not have to worry about winter driving conditions.

2. It's great to talk to Melinda whenever we want, now that they have an unlimited North American calling plan.

3. Fabricland is becoming my favourite store!! The colors, patterns and textures of fabric are so inspiring. My sewing machine needs to log some serious sewing time in the next couple of weeks in order to finish my list of gifts.

4. I'm missing Helayna's little voice calling "Gramma, Gramma, Gramma" already - and I've only been gone for 6 hours!

5. I made Heather all 3 of the recipes we've done at cooking classes - and I think I successfully replicated them. They were so delicious and will be added to my regular recipe repertoire.

6.  Only 30 days until  Christmas!!  

7.  On that note, I did a little shopping tonight on my way home.  A little chocolate, a few clothes, toys and games - definitely getting things crossed off my list.

8.  From my reading today:
             80% of the land in Ukraine is arable
             25% of the population makes a living in agriculture
              5 millions small plot owners (average 3.5 acres) farm 38.8 million acres
             Canadian extension services provide consultation, training courses and field days
I've always been interested in this country and would love to visit  someday.  Another travel destination to add to my wish list :))

9.  For inspiration this week:

Check Kim Hughes at Paper Hugs for beautiful cards.

Her Space, My Space, His Space has a challenge using a daily word to inspire photography.

Karina is the author of Gluten Free Goddess, a source for delicious new recipes that don't use flour or wheat products.

10.  I have decided that I am a list maker!!  Have you noticed that about my blog? !!!


  1. I love your lists, so keep on making them! I am getting into the mind-set for Christmas presents now, and the house is a disaster zone. Sigh. I have enough energy for the sewing - thank heavens for embroidery machines I can set and leave alone to sew - but not enough for the tidying. It can wait!

  2. You and Linds are definite marvels - getting ready for Christmas. Me, I am so in denial it is November already.

  3. I'm excited to see all that you're creating with your sewing machine. I hope I get to use it a little while we're home.
    I'm looking forward to some photos of your adventures down to Airdrie. I am quite surprised that the weather is so mild out there, but then again when it's snowing in NS it's nice in Alberta. No snow here yet, but it's chilly.

  4. Congrats on Grandbaby #4 on its way! How special for you all.