Sunday, November 16, 2008


This marks the 801st post on my blog!! Wow!!
And to use Karen Russell's idea:

2 years

800 posts

trips to China - Taiwan - Hong Kong, Europe, and Brazil-Argentina


20 - 30 visits daily

regular visits from Poland, England, and Australia (thanks, guys!)

surprising visits from Brazil, India, Indonesia and Hawaii (thanks for finding me!)

Thank-you to Melinda and Heather for encouraging me to start. Originally I did it so that as a family we'd know more about the day to day happenings, thoughts and pictures each of us had. It's still about that but it's definitely grown to be so much more.

I never dreamt back in May of 2006, when I first started, that I would grow to enjoy this so much and develop such an amazing number of friendships with other bloggers. I am constantly amazed at the wisdom, encouragement, inspiration and faith that is shared by these online friends. I have so much to learn from their writing and living.

This online journal has become a great place for me to document life, travel and family events. One of my goals is to someday collect all of my posts into a book. I wish I had something like that from my grandmothers so maybe one day it will be enjoyed by our grandchildren. They'll definitely see enough of themselves in the book :))

Here's my very first post and here's the first picture I posted. And here are the first posts of our granddaughters, Meadow and Helayna! It was amazing to look back!

Thank you to all of you who come by to see what's up. I am so, so grateful for your encouragement and your interest. Sometimes I wonder if I really have anything to share but life is really about the small, seemingly unimportant moments that blend together to make a lifetime, isn't it? Remember I'd love to know you were here so please, please click on 'comments' and leave me a little message! I found a few questions from my blog-iversary that still need to be answered so watch for that later this week.

I hope your week is a reflection of God's love!


  1. Congratulations. May I say that I find your posts to be beautiful snippets of your love for your family and life and a testimony of your faith. I too have in mind to scrapbook my posts. I just need to get a little better at the whole scrapbooking concept ;)

  2. I am here! Me! You know me!

    I am so glad you started to, Crystal - I am also approaching 800 posts too, and I can't believe I have written so much. It is so wonderful to have met so many great people and to know that I have real friends out there too. Wonderful.
    Congratulations on passing your 800th!

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I come here regularly to read what you are up to Crystal...congrats on the 2 years, I don't think I would be able to keep 2 weeks going.


  4. Wow 801 posts that is great! Congratulations!! I enjoy reading and see your photos on your blog!

  5. I'm so glad you are blogging! I had to go and check out my own stats after reading yours. :) I wish I could say I've done as much traveling as you. :)

    Love you!