Thursday, November 06, 2008


Here are my layouts for week #4 in Design Your Life with Cathy Zielske. I'm finding all kinds of interesting pictures to use these days!

Assignment #1 - Use repetition - I found these pictures of the quilt that Heather made for Naomi and Jerry's wedding gift and they were perfect with the ' remember' journalling block that Cathy provided!

I found another set of older pictures so I created another LO, repeating the elements. This one details a fishing trip Darrin and Bob took in 2001.

Assignment #2 - create a mini-album about those you love, using the same format for each 8 X 8 page

And a few more pages - I photographed them 4 at a time

Real World Color - "Happy Camper" - use earth tones - brown, gold, rust, green - as inspired by a new restaurant in Cathy's hometown


  1. I particularly like assignment#2 - mmmm - might just have a go at that myself.

  2. they all look awesome! love that you've been creating! it must feel so good to use up those old photos and supplies!

  3. Your layouts are great. You must be having tons of fun with all these challenges. The little mini-album is great. A nice way to share with people all that your family is up to.

  4. I Love your layouts! This class sounds awesome! I especially like the mini-album!!