Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Busy in the kitchen today with meatballs, shortribs. teriyaki stirfry, fresh bread and some cookies. ! I'm making a couple of meals to share, somethings for holiday entertaining and supper.

2. Feels like such a treat to have a day at home! I am so lucky to be at this space in my life!

3. Made the season's first batch of Poppycock (using my secret heritage recipe) today and a part of it is going to take a little trip east :))

4. The kitchen table is heaped with fabric, patterns and pinking shears as I'm trying to get serious about Christmas creating.

5. Love that I can get magazines from the library now!! Just finished reading Country Woman and Better Homes and Gardens.

6. Working on collecting some thoughts and stories for Jessica Sprague's Stories In Hand class. She shared pages and pages of prompts for gathering memories and my brain is working overtime!

7. Compassion International has a cool calendar available to remind us of the children of the world. I love the work that is being done to release children from poverty in Jesus' name and I love this project that would be such a cool reminder everyday.

8. For the first time in my life, I bought a 10 kg (22 lb.) bag of brown rice. The 2 kg bag was $6.29 and the 10 kg bag was $20.49 - so that was a pretty easy decision and a nice savings of +$10.

9. Seriously, there is so much inspiration around for making Christmas gifts! Here are a few online recommendations:

If you like quilting and bright colours, go and visit Laurie at The Wooden Spool

Sew, Mama, Sew is in the middle of sharing tons of ideas for crafting and sewing. Today it's gifts for college students.

Elise has a handmade holiday going on and is making some cool wreaths that would be great for kids to do. I think some could even be made with your class at school - or your grandkids :))

The tiny shoes for little ones and the hand stitching is exquisite over at Tiny Happy. Just makes me want to find my embroidery yarn and hoop!

Have fun looking and please let me know what you create!

10. We seem to be settling into winter weekend mode with our movie watching - our Bible study group watched this on Friday night. It has an important message about prayer and trusting God and I needed the reminder!

We even had a movie concession going with popcorn, coke and pepsi, licorice and chocolate bars!!


  1. You are just soooo creative! I wish I could be a little more like that.

  2. How do you possible get so much accomplished in the kitchen in one day? Today I made a batch of buns using the bread machine, a little treat for lunches this week. Hope subbing went well and you enjoy the rest of your week/end plans.