Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ten On Tuesday

1. Every time I read the latest post by Ann at A Holy Experience, I am in awe of her words and the depth of her writing. She draws me closer to God and what it means to have Him at the center of my life. I promise that you will be intrigued and given reason to think deeply when you visit her. And I love that she's a farm woman and understands being married to a farmer and farming :))

2. I am so enjoying my substitute teaching jobs at some local schools. This morning I got to see some friends too - total bonus!!

3. Don't you love walking out of the grocery store when the whole bill is less than $20? There's something special about being able to do that once in a while. Never mind that it all fit in one bag!

4. I am officially a member of our local library! It's been a long time since I had a card and I decided that I do not need to own every single book that I want to read. So I spent a grand total of $6 and brought home 3 magazines, one book on the Amish, one book on praying and 2 novels. One of them is the latest selection for our book club, Loving Frank (a historical fiction about the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright) by Nancy Horan so I'm set to read it. I think I was smiling the whole time I was there and all the way home. I know I'll go back soon!

5. It was a very happy mail day! Mel and Tyler sent some delicious Nova Scotia Maple Toffee Kisses and a little note. I love getting messages from loved ones. And there were 2 new magazines in the box too :))

6. Today, over at Live and Learn, Becky talks about filling the creative well and renewing her creative spirit. Going into fabric stores is an inspiring thing for me to do and I was reminded of this.

When we were in Oregon this summer, my sister and I wandered into a tiny quilting store and marveled at the beautiful fabrics and colors.

I loved it and I did end up buying a few things, as well as taking some pictures.

7. Silas had a doctor's appointment yesterday and he weighed in at 9 lbs. 9 ounces - a gain of 3 lbs. 3 ounces. He really has grown and is already developing a personality and his own habits. He has a shrill scream / cry when he's really upset and it sounds so strange coming from such a little person. I had a great time cuddling him lots over the past few days.

8. I wish I could be in Nova Scotia to help Mel and Tyler pack as they head to New York City. I miss them!!

9. I missed doing alphabet soup last week so this week I have lots of things to share that bring me joy and happiness. Be sure to visit Morning Glory's blog if you want to participate.


- Esther, my sister and friend

- eggs - especially in salads and sandwiches

- energy - some days more than others!

- escargot - a treat in very posh restaurants

- Europe - so much to see and appreciate amidst the architecture, waterways, history and scenery

- Elfriede - my mom

- electronics - computer, camera, cell phone, CD player - all good stuff!

- eyes and ears - I cannot imagine being without either sense


- family - we are blessed with our own family, which now includes 3 grandchildren, and a great big huge extended family

- friends - so many, scattered far and wide around the country and all equally dear

- Friday - the best day of a working week!!

- freedom - to make all kinds of choices even if it won't be Freedom 55!!

- fish - our favourite is grilled steelhead trout served with blueberry sauce

- flying - such a marvelous way to see faraway places

- fresh food - homegrown or from the farmer's market is best - I wish we had a year round one that was close by

- fondue - I like the leisurely pace and all the visiting that happens at the same time

It really is fun to document life this way, as you think, challenge yourself and then are very grateful for all of the items.

10. I think I need an afternoon nap! What a treat that would be!!


  1. Love catching on your news! Silas has really gained the weight hasn't he??
    You had quite different E's from me, but many of the same F's. I think family was on the list of everyone who did this meme.

  2. I finally added the Holy Experience blog to my reader - can't wait to read more from her!
    Love your list - so good to have you hear! We miss you already!
    Hope the next 3 days go well!

  3. I love reading Ann at Holy Experience - she has a beautiful way with words, doesn't she!
    It is lovely to read your list and lists within the list too, Crystal. I just love the happiness and contentment which radiates from your posts! And one day I will arrive for that chat by the fireside!

  4. Oh Crystal, I love your E and F lists! I'd give you the award for coming up with some of the most unusual things. I'm so glad you're joining in on this.

  5. Love your list/s too Crystal! The first thing I did when I sold my store was renew my Library card. Now I'm there once a week exchanging books, and my girls have caught the "fever" too. There is nothing better than curling up in the evening with a cup of tea under a quilt reading a good book!

  6. You've been so busy these last few weeks. I hope we catch up with you soon. We are preparing for the move, looking for an apartment this week and packing up, plus doing some working as well. Thanks for the update. Enjoy the treats!! Love you.