Sunday, October 12, 2008

October Thanksliving - part 2

Today I am thankful for food and family, home and health, and time to enjoy my life.

The harvest is gathered in and today we celebrated Thanksgiving with our families.

The freezer is filled up, the shelves are loaded and we are ready for winter! I am so thankful for the abundance and variety of food that we are blessed with and I am reminded that there are other mothers around the world who aren't able to feed their children every meal.

Thank you Lord for providing food for us to eat. Help me to share the abundance of all that we have.

A sign of some of the cooking that went on here today :))

One of my favourite pictures of the day!!


  1. That photo of you and Bob with the babes is just absolutely stunning. Thanksgiving in one photo!

  2. Oh my that certainly is one impressive pantry. Looks delicious.

    Must say - you look really happy in every photo you put on your blog. You have a real peaceful and joyous look about you. Nice to see.


  3. Oh, Crystal...this picture of you & him with those precious babies is just "melt your heart" cute!

    Just stoppin' by to say hey!

  4. Oh, I love that last picture. What a treasure those babies are!!