Thursday, October 09, 2008

30 Days of Autumn

Day 17

Fenceline - again thanks to Bob. I'm so glad we took lots of pictures the last few weeks as the big wind from the last 2 days has pretty much stripped the leaves from the trees. And the forecast for tomorrow? Flurries!!!! I'm not ready for that!


  1. Wow!! The photos are beautiful. Dad's got a great eye. I'm not so excited about the flurries. Today's overcast and rainy, but I can't imagine snow yet. I hope you have a few more weeks of fall weather.

  2. Dad definitely got some awesome photos! I love this one! You should make a mini-album with your 30 days of autumn photos - it could be really simple and quick because those photos need to be showcased - they are gorgeous!

  3. Is that your fence line? The fence looks nice . The leaves look brilliant. The property looks HUGE! And if it is your fence line then I am the colour of green right now ;)

    Question -Is Tyler, Melinda and Heather your family?

  4. I have decided to back track your posts a little - I went onto Heather's blog and the name Silas rang a bell - I think I will know the answer to my question real soon :)