Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. The last piece of pumpkin pie has just left the fridge :))

2. When I picked up our mail tonight, there were no envelopes - only 2 measly flyers. I think that's a nudge that I need to do some letter writing soon!!

3. I'm subbing tomorrow in a school that I've only been in a few times - and that was 15 years ago!! Should be interesting!

4. If you live in Canada, I hope you voted today. The election results are just starting to come in now.

5. Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer had a guest blogger last week and when I saw she was a traveller, I had to check it out. Elizabeth at Planet Nomad is currently living in Morocco and it's really worth your time to check her blog. Today she wrote about traffic and pedestrians!

6. Good thing there are leftovers in the fridge - I'm on a cooking hiatus after doing so much for the weekend.

7. It was a "read 'nother one" kind of day over at Meadow's house. At one point I think she had about 15 books to read that she'd picked out, up on the bed with us. I'm so happy to indulge her passion for books. (And she's going to love the one that's going in the mail for her tomorrow! It will go perfectly with the plastic spider she was playing with today.)

8. There's a gorgeous full moon out tonight - go and look!

9. The days are getting really short now. The sun didn't rise until 8 a.m. and it was dark by 7:30 p.m. but I guess we're only 2 months away from the shortest day of the year.

10. This little scene just makes me smile everytime I go down to the laundry / storage room.

I love it so much that I was kind of having trouble starting to use the stuff! The display was so pretty that I didn't want to make holes in it! But then I thought about that for a few minutes and realized the whole reason I did all that work was so we could use it - and so I dug right in!!


  1. Do you see the jar with the peaches -the one near the front, closest to my right as I like at the screen?
    ( I bags that one, Ta)

    Have fun with the reasonably new class - thinking of you.


  2. I like your ten on Tuesday. What a neat way to do your blog. Great picture of all your canning.Good luck today!

  3. wonderful list!!!!! have fun with Heather this weekend!

  4. The days really are short!

    Love the pic of all the canned goods!

  5. Hope your day of subbing goes well!
    How fun that Meadow has developed a love of books early on.
    I'm going to look at the beautiful moon tonight and see if I can get a picture!

  6. Love your list! So glad you are coming to visit us! Hope the subbing went well! And I'm glad you broke into the jars - the red pepper jelly you gave us is so good!

  7. That picture of the canned items looks yummy, I know I could not keep my hands off.