Monday, October 13, 2008

Big Huge Congratulations

and much thanksgiving in our family today as we received some very good news!!!!

Our son-in-law, Tyler, has passed his first test for medical licensing and will be starting a clerkship in a hospital in New York City in November. He wrote this test nearly a month ago, after studying all summer, and it was very important for him to pass so that he could move into North America for hospital experiences. I believe that God has called him to be a doctor and this is another example of God's goodness in preparing him for that vocation. Thank you for praying for him and Melinda as they travel this journey together.

Here are some pictures from this summer. Tyler has an incredible sense of humour and is filled with energy and enthusiasm for life. He is such a good partner for our daughter - we praise God for the two of them.

This is such a marvelous example of God's blessings to us, in all circumstances everyday. Thank you for sharing our joy!!

Congratulations, Tyler - one step closer to "Dr. Green"!


  1. Way to go Tyler! Congrats to him.

    Crystal :) can I ask you your age? How come you have a son in law and Gran kiddies and look so young?

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news! I am so happy for them, and for you too! What a great blessing especially at Thanksgiving!

  3. yayayayayayay!!! I am so happy for Ty!

  4. oh MAN so happy for your whole family that they can come back to North America!!!!!!