Saturday, October 04, 2008

Before Lunch

This is what Saturday morning in A Week In My Life looks like!

"Sun - Sun - time to wake up - Helayna wants to play park."

A little pre-breakfast snack.

It was a chilly morning.

A little riding before breakfast

Breakfast of pancakes with whipped cream and raspberries.

Reading a few stories.

This is just how Grampa does it when he's on the computer.

Drawing pictures for Mommy and Daddy

Trying all the cords and connections on some piece of video technology - she was very occupied!

How in the world does this thing work?? And when we figured it out, she had to find Grampa to 'squirt' because she remembered doing it at the beach this summer!

She was in her glory out at the shop where Bob was working.

"Helayna helping Gammpa" - in her own words.

Two heads are better than one when it comes to fixing something!

Heading out to ride again.

And all because this sweet little one is staying with us as part of her very first sleepover!


  1. all before lunch?! what a busy morning!
    i'm so glad you posted some photos of her! we miss her but are so glad you are having such a good time.

  2. Priceless! Absolutely beautiful. Those pancakes look delicious - but I'm not tempted - honest ;)

  3. You are having the time of your life! I can see that! I just love the 2 heads photo - it says it all. Enjoy every moment, Crystal!

  4. What a great visit! Looks like you're staying busy and Helayna's enjoying the farm. She just loves being outside doesn't she? I'm sure you're going to miss her tomorrow when she goes back home.

  5. Looks like Grandma is enjoying Helayna's first sleep over!

  6. looks like someone had fun at gramma and grampa's house!

  7. Sweet photo series, Crystal!

    And I echo Heather's comment--all before lunch? Wow.

    Victor, too, is quite content when he has cords and connectors to figure out. Whatever will amuse him for a few minutes is usually okay by me!


  8. Sweet! What great times for all of you!