Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Celine Dion

came to Edmonton last week and I was lucky enough to attend, thanks to Naomi and Jerry, They gave me concert tickets nearly a year ago and I've been looking forward to this event so much!

The video shows her opening number from the World Tour, filmed in Montreal but her outfit and shoes (how she gets around the stage wearing them is amazing) were the same. The opening video showed clips from other cities (Berlin, Dublin, Sydney, London, Paris, Prague, Tokyo) and then it came up saying "Tonight - Edmonton!!!!" Apparently we now rank up there with those other places - too funny!!

Thank you, Na and Jerry, for the tickets! It was a wonderful concert - a great date night. And now we've seen her everytime that she's played Edmonton! The last time was 12 years ago! She has really changed as a performer!! I hope you enjoy this little taste of our night out!!


  1. Oh Lucky you!!! I REALLY wanted to see her in Vegas a few years ago, but we got stuck going to the Rolling Stones and walked out (it was horrible)! One day I really hope I get to see her in concert, I think she is amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. She has got a nice set of legs - I'll give her that - but what was with those crazy leg moves at the beginning. She looked like Bambi on ice;) Still, her voice is still so beautiful. glad you had the opportunity to see her in concert- what a lovely date.