Monday, October 13, 2008

October Thanksliving - part 3

Today I decided to keep track of all the times that thanks crossed my mind.

For a new day

The love that Heavenly Father has for me, no matter what I've done or where I am

Running water to brush my teeth and wash my face

A place to call my studio

Automatic washing machine

Leftover bones from the turkey yesterday that are simmering as soup today

Grandchildren - all 3 of them

Fresh baked pumpkin bread

Raspberry jam tasting like summer

Internet connection to check on my friends

Telephone call to my Mom

Music playing on the CD player

A package and some letters to mail - hope they brighten some days for the recipients

An embroidered tablecloth that reminds me of where I bought it at the market in Katowice, Poland

The ability to recycle at our local landfill

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake (here's the recipe from Gluten Free Mommy)

Cool clean water to drink

A printer to print out any article or photo that I might want

Forgiveness and a Saviour who took all my sins

My camera

Candles - tall green tapers still on the dining room table

Time - plain and simple - time to finish tasks, to enjoy the moments, to rest and contemplate


The book of Psalms - and the praise and crying out for help that is recorded in them

Online shopping and the designers who create such beauty in jewellery, clothing and crafts

A warm home

Our dishwasher - love the time it saves me

Turkey and tomato sandwiches with cranberry mayonnaise on cranberry oat bread (love those cranberries)


Pumpkins - love the color and the taste

Phone calls from our children

Tea in my new favourite mug (the one Mel brought from Poland)

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream (there were some leftovers!)

A comfortable bed with a warm quilt and fluffy pillows

My husband

Freedom to vote tomorrow

And tomorrow the blessings will start all over again! How marvelous God is to give me all of this plenty every day.

"Give us this day our daily bread." I have been given so much more than just daily bread - thank you just doesn't seem like enough. I need to live my life as thanks to Him.


  1. So many things we forget when we come to make a list - what a great idea to note it all down as you think of things to give thanks for. I love this list, Crystal.

  2. as for your list - let's see
    etc etc
    wait a minute...
    leftover pumpkin pie?
    with cream??

    keeping you accountable - remember?


    love the list......

    calories an all :)


  3. wonderful list, mom. i love it. thank you so much for the yummy cake - what a great treat!

  4. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Your list is so correct, sometimes we do tend to forget our blessings.