Friday, October 26, 2007


We are here at Heather and Jonathan's, getting ready for the big Pumpkin Party tomorrow. We did lots of cooking and baking today while Grampa changed all the lightbulbs in the house, put up shelves and hung curtain rods. Things are looking pretty festive around here! In between the work, we did lots of playing and took just a few pictures. Oh, and someone got a haircut in time for her party. She looks like such a little girl now, not a baby at all. It's been fun hanging out. Time to get to bed because it's going to quite a day tomorrow :))


  1. Have a great birthday party! Can't wait to see some pictures from the festivities. Big hugs for everyone.

  2. I am also waitign to see the photos! I hope you have had a wonderful time, Crystal!

  3. awww was it a good day???? Hope the party went well!!! I can't wait to see pictures too!