Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good Reasons to be Home!

We missed all of our family while we were away and especially Helayna and Meadow. I knew they would learn alot of new things and have grown while we were away. Luckily they still remembered us! The fall colors are still beautiful here -definitely great for taking pictures these days. Thanks for sharing this picture, Heather.

I know this is completely unfocussed but I still like it. I think Heather or Naomi took it on Sunday.

Run in the leaves, fall in the leaves, laugh in the leaves!

This little one has gained so much confidence and independence since we saw her last! She took her first steps on Sunday - I'm so glad we got to see this big achievement.

Today Meadow decided that the camera is very interesting and she insisted I hold it up and snap this picture! I think she loves photography already :))

It's so much fun seeing these 2 together now!


  1. Love the photos! We are so glad you are home too!

  2. aaaaaawwwww. Great photos!!!!!!

  3. I love it. You captured their personalities, too. They are both so cute. I love seeing them together and knowing you get to have family get togethers every now and then.

  4. Very good reasons in deed!!

  5. I can't imagine two cuter reasons to
    rejoice in being home!

  6. They look as happy to see you as you them!! Too cute!!

  7. esther3:04 PM

    you are truly blessed! what beautiful grandchildren you have.