Monday, October 01, 2007

Something to Celebrate

It was a weekend of celebration as our sweet niece, Tyneille was married to Ian. They were both beaming the entire time and we know that they are going to be happy together. We pray for God's goodness and His guiding in their marriage. These are some pictures from the weekend - especially for Melinda and Tyler, who missed the party. (Tyneille loved the tablecloth you sent for them!)

Elayna and Cole, Tyneille's niece and nephew, were part of the wedding and they were so sweet, all dressed up.

Signing the register

Leaving the church

The mother-of-the-bride looking serene and beautiful - I don't think she shed a tear!

Underneath all those petals was some very good chocolate marble or lemon cake.

This is one of my very favourite pictures of Tyneille.

So much in love!

I don't think Tyneille missed a dance! She enjoyed every minute of her party!!

Elayna was such a sweet little flower girl. She's not even 2 but she walked down the aisle all by herself and was so good during the whole event. Here I think she's wondering why the bride and groom haven't noticed her waiting to dance with them!

I love seeing the cousins, like Joyce and Tyneille, together having a good time. The girls in the Krueger family like to dance but the guys - not so much! - which explains why I have no pictures of them dancing :((

Chloe had a very good time line dancing too.

Kelsey and Kelly (who is 6 months pregnant!) dancing up a storm


  1. Yeah!!! Thank-you. I've checked a few times today to see if you posted anything. It looks like such a great time. I love Tyneille's dress. She looks stunning. Heather said it was a great day and how nice it was to have family together again. We miss that!! I'm glad you were home to go and share in this special day. I know it means a lot to her.

  2. What a beautiful gown!

  3. You got some awesome photos!!!! We hardly got any! :( Guess that's what happens when you have a baby to tote around and are late to the wedding and end up sitting in the back, eh?! Can you share with me?!
    So glad we got to come!

  4. You got some great pictures!!

  5. Beautiful bride! Looks like a joyful celebration!