Saturday, October 13, 2007

Something to Read

I'm a little late with this but I still wanted to share a book recommendation for Morning Glory and Lei's discussion board. While we were on holidays, I read Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper
. It is an amazing book, very thought provoking and in parts, gut wrenching. I think every mother will relate to the decisions made by the parents. Written from the perspective of each of the 5 family members, I empathized with each of them and was drawn into the family dynamics. Our book club is discussing it next week and I'm really looking forward to the discussion. I've also read The Pact by this author and it was equally gripping. My sister has read many of her books and recommends all of them. Let me know what you think if you decide to read it!


  1. My daughter has read all her books and considers Jodi "her favorite author"
    She loaned me this book to read as well...

  2. I read another review of this book and it really sounds fascinating. I'm glad you jumped in on the topic anyway!

  3. I read this book a while ago and I liked it and was saddened by it all at the same time.
    I've read other books by her...the only one I didn't like was "tenth circle" I think that's the name...just so much senseless tradgy in there, made me very sad.

  4. esther10:06 AM

    Another very very good book by this authori is "Plain Truth" and it has recently been made into a movie for TV. It's about an Amish girl.

  5. Thank you for sharing your review with us. I will definitely add this one to my reading list.

    I look forward to your Woman To Woman post next time.