Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Our first place to visit in Germany was Rothenburg, the best preserved medieval city in Germany. This place definitely counts as one of the top 10 things we did while on our holidays! I took so many pictures that I'm going to share them over the next few days so that you can experience this place too.

The view from the parking lot told us that it was going to be a great place to discover and explore. Rothenburg was a stop on the north - south trade route from 1150 - 1400. Now it's a hot tourist spot but we hardly noticed the crowds (most of whom left by 6 p.m.).

What a beautiful welcome! And scenes like this were everywhere in the town.

Right from the very first glimpse we had of the city, there were photo ops galore. It just got better the further we went. Every home was so well kept, brightly painted with trees and flowers blooming. It was just all so beautiful!

The towers and openings in the wall were so beautiful and charming. Most of the buildings here were in place by 1400 and they have been beautifully maintained.

The Town Hall is a huge building with the tallest spire (200 ft.) in the city. The first part was built in the 13th century and after being partially destroyed by fire, the new Town Hall was built alongside after 1570.

Our destinations for a little shopping were the 2 Christmas shops that are world famous. Throughout the month of December, a huge craft market is held in the city - there are even Christmas craft tours organized that come here from around the world specifically to shop at that time of year! We were only able to visit one shop and it was truly amazing! 3 levels of ornaments, linens, clocks, wooden carvings and all kinds of things to decorate your home for the season. I found just a few little treats to buy ;) We didn't have a chance to visit the Christmas Museum - next time!

This section had all the little scenes that you put candles on and then different parts turn because of the heat and wind from the flames. They were carved with such elaborate details!

Tyler with one wall of the cuckoo clock section.

Tyler and Bob are trying to figure out how they can get one of these for me! I could really use it to load up all the Christmas presents - or so they think! It was seriously pretty cool.


  1. Great photos! It really was a beautiful city and one of my favourite stops in Germany. I'd love to go back to the Christmas market and see the town all decorated. I'll be eager to see what other details you remember about the town.

  2. These pictures brought back some wonderful memories. We went there several years ago and it's just the most picturesque place. I bought one of those carved candle scene thingies and I set it up every Christmas. It has a very small nativity scene that goes around.

    I've really been enjoying your trip with you.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!!

  4. WOW Crystal!!! That looks amazing!!!!

  5. What beautiful pictures! The town sounds just delightful. Those Christmas shops would be a weakness for me, I'm sure!!

  6. Wow, what an incredible city! I love all the architecture and those flowers are so pretty - love that about Europe!
    I didn't know that about the Christmas stores - very cool! Can't wait to see what 'treasures' you found there! :)