Monday, October 08, 2007

Family Fun

My family gathered for a Thanksgiving celebration today and we started off at a corn maze. It was the first time I'd ever been to one and it was a lovely way to spend a sunny autumn morning.

The stalks were frozen and falling down in many places but it was still fun to wander along, looking for the markers and the way through. It would be a lot harder when the stalks are tall, green and still growing!

My dad who loves to hang out with his kids and grandchildren.

The observation tower was a good place to watch what everyone else was doing.

My Dad, Aunt, Mom and Uncle - they are such good friends!

My beautiful sister, her husband and daughter who are full of ideas for each famiy gathering we have!

Our sweet niece, Pam, who is going to be a teacher one day soon!

I'll tell you about the second part of our day tomorrow!


  1. It looks like you had so much fun. A little tear trickles down my cheek. We miss these times with everyone. I'm glad your family gets together so often and makes it a priority to spend that time. We miss you lots!

  2. Looks like it was a great time!

  3. That looks and sounds like a great time. You got some great family photos.