Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We rejoice in the gifts that God has given us - family, food, freedom, beauty all around us, and health - and we thank Him for the good things that are to come in our lives. We spent the day with these guys yesterday and enjoyed an awesome dinner, lots of hugs and loads of fun! Thanks for having us!

How much has changed since last Thanksgiving when Heather had a baby bump and was busy holding baby Meadow!

Spontaneous hugs!

It is SOOOOOOO much fun playing with her now! As soon as Bob would lift up her arm she'd start giggling, knowing that he was going to tickle her.

This dinosaurs book is Helayna's favourite right now!

We pray that you will enjoy a wonderful weekend with good food and those you love. May you find some time to reflect on the abundant blessings that God gives to all of us!


  1. Thank you so much for your visit! It was so good to have you here but always too short. I think Helayna was looking around this morning wondering where you guys were. :) I hope you have a great time today with the rest of the family!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! What a good family you have!rhonda

  3. Thanks for sharing your family Thanksgiving with us! We had a wonderful time with you guys, the girls talked about it the whole way home! What a treat:)
    Have a good week!