Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Scenes

Today after church, we headed west to the Brazeau Dam for our last quad ride of the season. It was a glorious warm and sunny day - a perfect one to be outside, enjoying God's creation and the beauty of our little corner of the world.

Our good friends, Audrey and Aime'- quadding partners, great travel companions, and all around good, good people. We were practicing Christmas card poses!!

We were a few weeks late for the full effect of all the colored leaves but the tamarack trees are still golden yellow.

The sun was starting to go down as we drove back along the dyke and it was gorgeous!

You can see the mountains from here, one of the most beautiful spots within an hour and a half of our home. Thanks for coming along on our Sunday ride!

And if you could say a little prayer tonight for our sweet Helayna, we'd appreciate it. She had a visit to children's hospital today and has baby measles and an ear infection. The doctor said measles has to run its course and he gave her some meds for the infection. We pray that she will be healthy again very soon. Thanks for helping us with prayer!


  1. Glad you went out one more time to enjoy the beauty and time with friends. We're praying for Helayna. Poor little thing.

  2. Beautiful pictures and a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
    Poor sweet baby Helyna..Of course I'll say a prayer for her speedy recovery..

  3. It looks like you had a great time. The pictures are so pretty! We hope Helyna gets well soon!!!

  4. Your sunset pictures are really gorgeous! It looks like it was a perfect day.

    I hope the wee one gets well very soon.

  5. Poor little thing! Hope the medication can relieve her discomfort quickly! Will keep her in our thoughts and prayers.