Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This is My Life

While we were away, we enjoyed the changing colors of autumn in Europe. Several times we wondered if we would have missed the colored leaves back home this year, but we were lucky!

The display of colors that goes along with this time of year is beautiful where we live. We don't have the brilliant reds that some parts of the country get but we have every shade of gold that you can imagine!

Berries and colored leaves - true harbingers of the season.

One of the scenic views from our yard. Every direction I turn there are beautiful colors and signs of autumn.

The garden is getting some much needed attention this week. Digging potatoes gave me time to reflect on doing this job years ago, with 4 little helpers working alongside me. Memories!


  1. I'm glad you're enjoying autumn in Canada. Things are really changing here and the temperature has dropped. Oh, I know the snow is coming, but I'm not ready yet.

  2. Beautiful scenes of autumn in your area!
    You certainly have lots of potatoes.
    Will they keep all winter?

  3. Such beautiful photos! We don't have many trees around our place so we miss those views! Can't wait until we can enjoy a view in the country like that!